The Advent of Pleasure

The Advent Calendar by the Italian SexPriestess

24 days to expand Pleasure in your life and awaken your sensuality, ending the year in sexiness and enjoyment :-).

 Maybe you even try to bring Pleasure into your life, but at the end of the day, too often, you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed.

Especially around the Holiday season, when we should all be bursting with happiness Pleasure seems to go for a ride…. taken away by buying gifts, work deadlines, and unhappinesses that come up.

What if there was another way?

The way I see it is to bring Pleasure in general into your everyday life with small and easy actions and learn to dare in a new way, reconnecting with your Gina, yes, that stands for your vagina, Her, your feminine power that you have between your legs.

The Advent of Pleasure is for you if:

Pleasure, especially in times of stress becomes an illusion,

you are one of those who always ends up putting yourself last,

you feel that your wildest side wants to find space in your everyday life,
you are curious to give space to your femininity and make it a strength, since you have always experienced it as a weakness,
you want to incorporate pleasure into your everyday life and explore yourself as a sensual and feminine woman,
you like the idea of exploring your orgasmic nature and reconnecting with your Gina, yes just your Her between your legs.

How does The Advent of Pleasure work?

You know how advent calendars work?  With the little boxes you open each day? Well, this game of ours works exactly the same way.

Every day from December 1st until December 24th, you will receive in your inbox a Practice of Pleasure, an exercise or some kind of reflection to expand your pleasure.

Enter your name and email in the form at the bottom of this page and you will receive the welcome email.  Please, check the Spam and Promotions if you don’t find it in the main box.

What’s the price??
The Advent of Pleasure is totally free!!!

I’m on a mission on behalf of Pleasure, unleashing our sensuality it’s revolutionary and it’s the new self love and self care.

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