Yoni egg: an introduction

The yoni egg (or jade egg) is a smooth egg-shaped stone that is used to train your pelvic floor muscles and to connect to your sacred feminine energy.

Traditionally, yoni eggs were made of jade (nephrite or jadeite). Today, they are available in a range of minerals with unique symbolic associations. Here, you’ll learn more about eggs made of nephrite jade, known for its many transformative properties.

Before we dig into the history, uses, and benefits of the yoni egg, a quick disclaimer.

I’m usually against outsourcing my sexual energy, meaning that I’d rather have sex with my partner or pleasure myself than use sex toys or other aids. And when I first heard of the jade egg during my training as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach my reaction was “What the heck is that and why would I want it in my pussy?!?”

But the yoni egg transformed my life. So, I created this guide to help you understand what it is all about and why you might indeed want to try it 😉

A word of advice: Before you start using the jade egg, get in touch with your obstetrician for a pelvic floor checkup.

And now for your guide to the nephrite jade egg.
Enjoy it, and take home anything that resonates with you.

My experience with the yoni egg

As mentioned, I first used the jade egg during my training as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Even though I was skeptical, it was in the curriculum so I had to try. Then, I fell in love with it.

I clearly remember the day it happened. I was in my kitchen and I suddenly realized that I felt somewhat different. Focusing on what was going on inside of me, I identified the feeling: I was turned on.

It felt as though somebody (or something) flipped a switch, and activated my body, my whole self, and my life in the process. I found that I was truly enjoying my daily routines. As someone who had always been prone to boredom and discontent, that was an astonishing first.

At that moment, I realized that the only recent change in my daily life was my new jade egg practice sessions.

My skepticism was swept away. So much so that I decided to expand my knowledge of this somewhat magic tool further, and eventually became a certified Jade Egg Coach.

Today, I experience more sensations and am more aligned with my sexual energy. My orgasmic experience is also improved. I live a turned-on life at all times, not only during sex.

My yoni egg practice is invaluable in helping me keep and nurture a deep connection with my body and soul. As an example, I use the jade egg to:

Reconnect with my sexual energy and reignite my libido
Realign with my femininity, pleasure, and desires
Prevent dryness or troubles with lubricating
Mitigate feelings of loneliness and discontent
Foster the need for introspection and self-awareness
Promote self-worth over society-induced thoughts of shame or criticism
Let go of the past more easily.
As you see, it is a good choice on many occasions 😉

History of the jade egg

While the yoni egg is categorized as a sex toy today, there is more to it.

You know, Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the womb and the female reproductive system. But also yields a variety of meanings revolving around concepts such as birth, rest, source, home.

The millennial tradition of the yoni egg is associated both with Taoism and Confucianism. The jade egg served as a means of diffusion of Indian Tantra in China, and some texts associate it to the Yellow Emperor – the Supreme Creator in Chinese mythology. Other sources track the origins of the egg back to female shamanism in China, around the 3rd century BCE.

Jade egg-related practices are also among the very few Taoist practices related to sex, health, and spirituality tailored exclusively to women. Female shamans and priestesses used the egg to access a state of deeper connection with their spiritual energy.

But the yoni egg also had more practical uses throughout history. In China, around 5,000 years ago, concubines of the emperors used it to preserve their youthfulness, enhance sensuality, awaken their sexual energy and be at the ready to fulfill all of the emperor’s desires.

The ancient yoni egg was introduced in Western practices only recently, by Tao instructor Minka de Vos. Thanks to her commitment, many Western health coaches and instructors now teach yoni egg practice for spiritual and practical purposes.

Why jade

I work only with yoni eggs made of nephrite jade and recommend doing the same.

Jade is a stone with superior hardness and durability. Other stones are more prone to chipping and cracking, which isn’t the best for hygiene. And speaking of hygiene, jade is a great choice as you can easily clean your egg with mild soap (or Betadine) and lukewarm water. More about that in the How to use the yoni egg section below.

Also, some of the yoni egg practices I teach foster the release of significant amounts of personal and sexual energy. So, it is important to use an egg made of a stone capable of sustaining that. When it comes to energetic cleansing, jade and obsidian are your best options.

Moreover, nephrite jade is believed to hold precious metaphysical properties. It is said to promote the physical healing of the female reproductive system, dissipate negative energy, rebalance hormones, and foster emotional openness.

Finding authentic and certified jade outside Canada isn’t easy, as mines in China are long exhausted. So, a few resellers market fake nephrite jade eggs to cut costs.

A bit of myth-busting here: when it comes to assessing the authenticity of jade, the color of the stone isn’t an indication. Natural jade presents in a range of nuances and gradients of green. If you’re unsure about your yoni egg, try scratching the surface with a metal object instead. Pure jade won’t suffer permanent damage.

Certified nephrite jade yoni eggs are made in Canada and then shipped to China for drilling, as this is the only country where the process is carried out correctly.

If you’re interested in buying a certified Canadian jade egg to live a turned-on life, get in touch. All yoni eggs sold by ViviAccesa are made of pure Canadian jade and drilled. They are available in three sizes (small, medium, large) but I recommend the medium, which is halfway in between a quail egg and a chicken egg in size.

Again: always check with your obstetrician if it’s safe for you to use a yoni egg.

Benefits of the yoni egg

Unfortunately, there is no scientific data available on the jade egg. My instructor Layla Martin is currently conducting a study, but that’s pretty much it. Conversely, there’s plenty of negative chatter and rumors.

To set the record straight, I’m sharing with you the main benefits of jade egg practice according to several coaches and practitioners. I experienced some of them first-hand, and it transformed my life.

So, here’s what regular yoni egg practice might do for you:

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Some obstetricians recommend it as a post-prolapse treatment.
Enhance a healthier connection with your pussy at a physical and emotional level, especially if you’re experiencing sensitivity issues or aren’t used to paying attention to what you feel “down there”.
Reignite your sexual energy and get ready to experience larger-than-life orgasms.
Facilitate post-partum reconnection with your body.
Reawaken your libido, even after menopause.
Increase natural lubrication at all ages and stages of life.
Promote self-love, self-worth, and feeling outrageously glowing.
Enhance the ability to feel your pussy muscles, also during sex, which means you can feel and enjoy it more.
Mitigate incontinency. The yoni egg is more powerful than Kegel balls in this department, as the latter only works on the most external muscles.
Mitigate menstrual pain and discomfort.
Some of these benefits are worth digging a little deeper into.

In a post-partum context, the jade egg fosters the physical recovery of your muscles and your ability to feel womanly and sensual again, a reawakening of your libido and desire. A direct hit to the myth of women with children as sexually dormant 😉

In women who went through a termination, the yoni egg can help to reconnect with their bodies and promote a sense of self-awareness and self-love, promoting emotional healing and mitigating common post-abortion issues such as depression, sense of detachment or disconnection, numbness, or the feeling of experiencing “inappropriate emotions”.

Yoni egg practice is also recommended during the transition to menopause. In our culture, menopause is perceived as the tomb of a woman’s libido, youthfulness, and sexual life. That’s not a universal take on the matter, though. As an example, in China and Japan, the term designating menopause translates as “second spring” or “rebirth”, and scientific research has shown that a good proportion of women living in those countries experiences milder and fewer menopause-related symptoms compared to Western women. Menopause is simply a different stage of life, where women are free to channel their sexual energy as pure creativity rather than to fulfill their biological role.

The nephrite jade egg can also help mitigate or eliminate the somatic traumas that women raised in a sexually repressed (and repressing) culture such as ours often suffer from. Practicing with the jade egg helps to release tensions and negative energy gently, fostering your sense of self-awareness and love.

When NOT to use the jade egg

The jade egg MUST NOT be used:
During pregnancy
While you sleep
In case of heavy period flows
In case of active or recurring vaginal infections
Whenever you’re not sure about the status of your pelvic floor
If you use an IUD and haven’t consulted a doctor
In general, if you haven’t checked in with your obstetrician for a while.
I always recommend consulting with your OB before starting to practice with the yoni egg.

How to use the yoni egg

Using and caring for your yoni egg is easy. Here’s a quick overview of the main guidelines to follow for enhanced safety and comfort.


When you buy a new jade egg, sterilize it before the first use. You can either boil it or leave it to sink in cold salted water for 24 hours.

If you boil it, keep the temperature around 100 °C (212 °F) to avoid excessive bubbling and accidental movements of the egg during the process. Before you use it, let it cool down!

After your yoni egg exercises, wash it well with mild soap and water to remove any residues of fluids, rinsing well. I recommend avoiding vinegar as a cleaning agent, for it reacts with jade causing bleach-like white marks on the surface of the stone. You can instead boil it again for disinfection.

As a rule of thumb, follow the same guidelines that apply to sex toys and personal hygiene items and equipment:

  • Do not borrow or swap.
  • Keep clean.
  • Handle with care.


Yoni eggs can be safely used with or without securing them with a string. If you’re new to jade egg practice, I recommend using a string for easier handling, as removing the egg could be more or less complicated depending on your vagina (we’re all different, you know). Non-perfumed, non-mentholated dental floss is a great choice.

Be gentle and attentive to your body. Insert the yoni egg only once you’re slightly aroused and always follow your instructor’s guidelines.

Myth-busting, part 2: jade eggs CANNOT get lost in your vagina. Whether you still have your cervix or underwent a hysterectomy, the egg won’t go anywhere.


Let me tell you a bit about the ideal setting for yoni egg practice.

I recommend a daily session of exercises (10-20 minutes) for the first month, then practicing every other day. While you can still get results with less practice, this kick-off routine helps you prepare your body to feel awake and turned-on from the inside, and ignite your sexual energy.

In the early stages of your yoni egg practice, it’s not unusual to feel some healing process at work too. That’s because our pussy accumulates so much tension at a physical and metaphysical level – which is ultimately the reason why women end up feeling “switched off”, dormant or disconnected. Jade egg practice is a great way to facilitate letting go of such tensions, negative emotions, and blocks.

There is no right or wrong timing for yoni egg exercises. Some women find that setting their sexual energy in motion makes them feel more active; others feel relaxed and sleepy. Listen to your body, observe your reactions, and pick the time that works best for you.

Embracing nephrite jade egg practice means reawakening your femininity and sensuality, and keeping them alive and vibrant at all times. It is essentially an act of self-love with a positive impact on many levels. As you strengthen your higher connection with your genitals you also reinforce its physical structure. The yoni egg helps you explore and be attentive to the different areas of your pussy, which is usually overlooked in standard exercise routines.

Jade egg practice includes a range of exercises. Some make you squeeze your muscles; others focus on your awareness and control of individual muscle strains; others make you rotate and move the egg in your pussy; and so on. They all help you reawaken your pleasure in all of its nuances – be it erotic, sensual, tender, wild.

Other jade egg practices strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, as it is known that this provides a better framework for orgasms at a physiological level.

If pelvic muscles suffer from excessive tension, then yoni egg exercises will revolve around relaxation instead. In such cases, strength-based exercises (or “power pussy exercises” as I call them) are not recommended.

Finally, some yoni egg practices are designed to help you rebalance your aura and energy levels. As an example, ovarian breathing helps to cleanse various organs, including the uterus itself, from a physical and metaphysical standpoint – helping you eliminate stagnant memories, negativity, and other emotional residues from sexual intercourse.

If you enjoyed this guide, share the love 😊

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