Turn On your GPS

Single session

Jump in the driver’s seat, turn on your personal GPS and follow the path to your desires.
Learn something most women have a hard time doing: how to trust and prioritize yourself.

You’re always the last priority on your to do list because you take care of everyone else first.

You know why: you are following the unspoken rule that good girls prioritize others needs before their own. And as a result, after a long day of taking care of everything and everyone, you’re sooooo tired that all you can do is crawl into bed. Last night was just like that: you were too exhausted to even read the book you’ve been looking forward to all day.

You feel like you’re destined for something more than this but you can’t just seem to find the next step on your path.

The honest truth is that you feel stuck without any idea how to move forward. Before you realize it, another week’s gone by and you haven’t moved one inch towards your desires.

You endlessly think about different options to change your life. You often find yourself in your head trying to logically find a solution that would help you feel more fulfilled. You keep thinking over and over, “there must be another way to do all of this.

Despite all the great rational ideas you find yourself stuck in the same endless cycle of never having time for yourself. You know why this is happening: in order to be perfect for everybody you’ve become a people pleaser.

You feel overwhelmed prioritising and giving 100% to everybody and you’re sick of second guessing yourself all the time.
Most of all, you’re so done feeling stuck.
So, let’s speak about your desires, shall we?

You wish you could have faith in your intuition, feel confident and follow your inner voice to accomplish your desires. You’d love to make a decision and be confident about it, trusting that it’s the right one in order to move forward.

You wish you could be totally yourself and pursue your desires. You wish you could live your dreams and put yourself first. Without feeling guilty.

You’re ready to schedule some me-time. You know that all you need to do is to prioritise yourself. You’re committed to taking care of yourself and finally choosing your own empowerment.

You’re now ready to jump in the driver’s seat and revolutionize your life by doing two simple yet difficult things, especially for us women to do: trust your intuition and prioritize yourself.

Imagine how it’d be:
to feel relaxed, carefree and finally a “self pleaser” instead of a people pleaser 
to live your life as you wish and as the woman who you truly are, no B.S.,
to put yourself first, without feeling guilty!!
to have the inner confidence that you’re choosing the right direction
to trust your wisdom and your intuition

Sounds like a dream, right?

The best part is that it’s possible!

I’ve done it and you can do it, too.

You’re done doubting your intuition, done feeling unsatisfied from self-sabotaging your desires, and done failing at trying to be perfect for everybody and putting everyone else first.

It’s my pleasure to tell you that you’re in the right place to get unstuck and move forward.

I’m here to help you find your way to a fulfilled life. I know that your fear of making the wrong choices leaves you feeling stuck.

I’ll help you to discover your feminine power and how you can use it to tap into your intuition, plug into your desires, start trusting and prioritising yourself.

After our time together you’ll have:

a personalised plan on how you can prioritize yourself so that you can have time to do what you love, like reading a book!
clarity on the next step on your path, with a practical roadmap to get unstuck you so that you can drive toward your desires.
a customized set of practices that will help you be present in the moment and only use your head to reach your desires and stop overthinking. This will help you trust your intuition and yourself more and more.
everything scheduled on your agenda so that it will be real in your everyday life and you’ll be able to make it happen.

All these practices will help you prioritize yourself, trust your intuition and know what is good for you. I’ll show you how to turn on your personal GPS everyday in your busy life.

This is what you will get from choosing to jump in the driver’s seat, access your GPS and drive toward what you desire.

Your Roadmap Questionnaire AKA What You Truly Desire

This questionnaire will help you get aware of what’s leaving you feeling stuck and unsatisfied, and aware of when you sabotage your desires and how you should trust your intuition.

Your awareness is the most precious tool you have to drive toward what you desire. Your answers will be our guidelines for our live session.

Your Driver’s Lesson AKA Create Your Own Pleasure Code Session

During this 90 minute session, I’ll show you how you can start listening to your intuition and put yourself first, so that you can go for what you desire.

You’ll learn step by step techniques that you can easily implement in your
everyday life.

Putting yourself first, trusting your intuition and going for what you desire will become easy once you follow the map that we’ll prepare and start to drive!

Your Personal GPS AKA Your Pleasure System

Within 72 hours you’ll receive a recording of the call so that you can access to it whenever you want. You’ll also get guidelines on how to take action on the practices we’ve done together in the session and help you track your progress everyday.

Hey, Now You’re Driving! Follow up

After 21 days of you practicing your new paradigm/routine/blueprint/roadmap we’ll meet on skype for 30 minutes and talk about what you have experienced, adjust what needs to be modified, and keep on going where you find pleasure in doing it.

You’ll feel supported and cheered on as you change your habits to become the driver of your life, with pleasure and ease.

Most importantly, our time together will encourage you that you can do it, you can drive toward your dreams because all you have to do is continue driving the same way we’ve done together in the session.

So, are you ready to drive towards your dreams?

All of this for only 333 euros!

Would you like to get started??

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Step 4: Show up for the call, your desires and yourself.

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