Unleash Your Sensuality

Online course

A 4-week online program to reconnect with your body, love yourself, and feel fabulous and glowing

When you look in the mirror, there’s a sinister inner voice that spells out all of your body’s flaws.

When you’re making love, you’re worried about your looks and performance.

You’re sadly longing for the time when you enjoyed life and love, while now you’re clueless about your true desires.

Sex has become yet another thing to worry about. Keeping all together is just too much. You’re struggling with getting out of your head and letting go.

Pleasure, and enjoying it, are nothing but a fading mirage.

Unleash Your Sensuality is right for you if…

You’re ready to kiss your sinister inner voice goodbye
You’re eager to feel good with and about yourself, and your femininity
You want to reawaken your sensuality, regardless of your age and life experiences
You need to reconnect with your feminine nature and power
You crave more desire in your life
You want to step out of your head more easily
You’re ready to enjoy sex and intimacy to the fullest again
You want to be happy, even if your life is “not perfect”
You’re ready to reignite your libido and lust
You want to reclaim your personal space without feeling guilty about it
You’re ready to live in the Present, peacefully

How does Unleash Your Sensuality work?

Unleash Your Sensuality is a 4-week online course including 4 content-packed modules with exercises. Each module explores a different theme:
Loving yourself
Being irresistible
Your Pleasure
Your Sexual Pleasure

When you purchase the course, you get a welcome message with an access link to my e-school and login details. You get access to a new module every week for four weeks, then the course is yours forever to keep and go back to.

You’ll also get access to 2 amazing bonuses: simple yet powerful practices that will make you feel more sensual in your pleasure, no matter what.

Testimonials are anonymized to protect the client’s privacy
Thank you, Elisa. This is exactly what I needed right now. R.
The lessons are great, with something new every time. I tried the exercises and they are so powerful! V.
I liked the e-course a lot, and drew lots of inspiration for my work. C.
It was so great to feel my emotions evolve differently every time. I’m so happy! G.
What about the price?
With Unleash Your Sensuality, you can learn how to
give yourself all the love you need

feel good about yourself and your body

reawaken your pleasure
feel fabulous and glowing

with just 77 Euros!