Your Summer of Pleasure


Four weeks of 1:1 support, immerse yourself in a walkie talkie of Pleasure 🙂

Summer is here, yay!!! It makes you want sunshine, heart, love, passion 🙂

The problem is that your beloved mind works way too much, and you often find yourself creating real horror movies and making up problems for yourself, when in reality you would like to feel lighter, joyful and more able to be in Pleasure, as well as enjoy your relationship

The result is that you don’t enjoy your relationship, your body and yourself being an adult Woman. 

How about immersive support, from your SexPriestess (me of course) to hold your hand, help you see and experience your relationship differently, and move from your head to your body?

Your Summer of Pleasure is for you if:

this seems to be you lately:

you happen very often to criticize him and forget about the passion between you two;

you are tired of feeling unfeminine and criticizing yourself often;

more than anything, you would like to live your relationship lightly, yet resentment toward yourself and toward him prevents you from doing so;

you feel like you need someone to guide you through all this mess;

And you would love:

enjoy your relationship;

feel light and serene;

simply enjoy sex without always being in your head thinking everything without feeling pleasure!

Here it’s how it works

This is my one-month walkie talkie program. Basically from the time you sign up you’re entitled to a month of immersion with me every day Monday through Friday on voxer, a super convenient and super easy to use app. Of course, just to honor the boundaries I like to remind us women, I have a life, and so answers will sometimes be immediate, sometimes take a few hours :-), so I won’t be your Pleasure babysitter, but your Pleasure guide 🙂

You also have immediately access to my Unleash your Sensuality course, we will use some of the practices of this course to awaken your Pleasure and make it easier for you to enter it. 

After you sign up you will receive a confirmation email in which I will provide you with all the information, always check in spam and promotions and bookmark us, so you can receive all of our love letters 🙂

Places are very limited and it is a real opportunity to have me by your side for an entire month in this very unique mode. 


Here are some testimonials from women who have turned on their pleasure working with me.
My work is so connected to the intimate and personal sphere of my clients, that I never put photos and names.
The testimonies and words you read are real.

The lessons are great, with something new every time. I tried the exercises and they are so powerful! V.

It was so great to feel my emotions evolve differently every time. I’m so happy! G.

I want this support for a Summer of Pleasure

How much is it?

Your Summer of Pleasure is available at the special price of 555, below you will also find the option to pay in three installments. This price includes Unleash your Sensuality as a  bonus and my support for 30 days from when you sign up.  It’s going to be ginormous cool!!!