Elisa helped me discover new ways to tap into my desires. Massages, dance, and all the other practices – which I truly enjoy – helped me to slow down and tune in to my emotions. I could finally let go of things I no longer needed, and I discovered the Goddess in me.
Elisa is compassionate, generous with her time, and insightful in her listening. She is sincere and cares to see her clients discover bigger possibilities in life through a greater connection to the self. Thank you!! 💕
I am so happy to have met you, I believe in your work 100% and I wish you BIG success with your online business!

Elisa – Your energy is so sweet and nurturing, and your guidance feels like a hug for the soul! Thank you so much, that was beautiful. Also, breathwork in Italian is stunning! J.

Thanks, Elisa. You held the space from a deeply honest and open place, and I felt safe. I loved how you spoke of the soul and helped us to connect with the deepest places in our body. Great stuff. Thank you so much. N.

Thank you for being the right person for me to meet, at the right time. I had big shifts this summer and I am feeling much less sad and much less tied to the past. T.

Elisa, that was so wonderful. I loved how maternally you held our space, and the explorations you facilitated. That was beautiful, thank you. S.