Reawaken your wise, wild, and free essence. Come Qoya dance with me!

Qoya is the Quechua word for “queen”, connoted as the “feminine manifestation of a higher consciousness”. And it is the name of a movement system I love so much that I decided to become the first certified Qoya instructor in Italy.

Qoya is a powerhouse for getting out of your mind, reconnecting with the deepest layers of your essence, and living your body as the miracle it is.

The system combines movement and meaning: the wisdom of yoga, the creative expression of dancing, and the inherent sensuality of feminine movements all come into play.

With Qoya, women can embrace their true essence, which is wise, wild, and free.

What I love about Qoya is that it’s not about the right or wrong movements. It’s about exploring the movements that make you feel good – which ultimately is the way to find your Pleasure.

Whenever I’m confused, or overthinking, or disconnected from my body, Qoya is my haven. As I dance, the answers I was searching for so anxiously come to me. And I feel at home and ease within myself.

Besides, becoming a Qoya instructor was a true calling. I remember meditating at a training workshop in Ibiza, and receiving a clear message: teach Qoya. That’s the moment it all started for me.

And now I’m here, proud and honored to pass along this amazing practice.

Qoya dancing is a truly unforgettable experience.

It gets straight to your heart and stays there forever.

Also, you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy Qoya. You only need some comfortable clothes, and a desire to reconnect with yourself. And just dance to the music.

The magic of your body ALIVE

– Breathwork and Qoya –
Your body is a gate, holding the key to the innermost part of your Self. It’s a bridge that connects you to your divine nature, and what you need to be and feel ALIVE.
BUT. Society tells us that the Truth lies in our minds. And social suppression triggers feelings of guilt and shame. So, we lose our ability to feel and live the magic of our bodies.
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