The magic of your body ALIVE

Pleasure Training

Join me online for a new Pleasure Training.

Keep the magic of your body ALIVE with breathwork, Qoya, embodiment techniques and the Color of the Soul Ritual.

Your body is a gate, holding the key to the innermost part of your Self. It’s a bridge that connects you to your divine nature, and what you need to be and feel ALIVE.

BUT. Society tells us that the Truth lies in our minds. And social suppression triggers feelings of guilt and shame. So, we lose our ability to feel and live the magic of our bodies.

Over time, I studied several techniques and practices that help us to reconnect with our body, love it as it, and tap into our true feminine essence – which is wise, wild, free, powerful, and sacred.

Practices I’m eager to share with you, to help you reclaim your body and soul.

My Pleasure Training workshops are for you if…

You spend most of your time thinking, mumbling, and pondering on what’s right and wrong.
You live mostly in your head, and only think of your body when you notice a mirror or try on your clothes (just long enough to shame your body some more)
You ever hardly get turned on.
You’re eager to explore new ways to stretch your pleasure muscles and feel your body.
You want to reconnect with your femininity and embrace it fully to become the woman you want to be.
You’re sick of merely surviving, and crave for thriving.
You’re overly stressed, and often feel drained.

How does it work?

One new Pleasure Training (90 minutes) a month, online or in person.

Within two days from the training, you get access to the video replay – so you can go through the workout again, if you wish.

Each Pleasure Training workshop revolves around a specific theme, such as:

Letting go
The invisible
Being glowing
la passione
The workshops include a range of techniques I experimented with and embraced. Breathwork, Qoya, jade egg practice, and embodiment techniques help you reawaken your body, and unleash the orgasmic energy we all hold within and makes us feel ALIVE.
Here’s what women who embraced the magic of the body say:
I attended a breathwork session with Elisa, and it was great! I was dubious at first because it was all new to me. Also, I wasn’t sure whether being online with other people would make me feel comfortable enough to let go. Now, I cannot wait to do it again.
Elisa’s voice lured me in, and before I knew it, my breath was guiding me through a wonderful experience – something I didn’t deem possible in an online environment. I felt the energy of the whole group. A digital yet very real network. A.
I just wanted to thank you for Tuesday’s training. I was a bit awkward at first because I had not realized that all the people would be on screen and interacting… But in the end, I was very happy and loosened up. Thank you!
I loved the familiar atmosphere, even though we were so many. Thank you again! S.
Nice atmosphere, interesting content. I especially loved the movement section. I’m bringing home a renewed intention to focus more on myself and permitting myself to care for my pleasure. L.
I attended a Qoya workout because I was curious about it and because I trust Elisa’s recommendations. I was truly impressed by the effects of the method. The movements are pleasant, and you can feel the circular nature of the workout. I look forward to the next training! S.
I signed up for the Pleasure Training to reclaim my connection to pleasure, and learn how to give pleasure to myself and crave for pleasure with no shame. […] Now I know that Pleasure is a possibility for me and that it’s good and right to enjoy it. Now I want to search for it. Elisa, your energy is so bright – one can tell that you’re turned on! Thank you! D.
What about the price?

Each Pleasure Training workshop costs €39. When you buy your online ticket, you get an access link for the Zoom meeting via email. You’ll also get an email reminder before the training so that you won’t miss it!

It’s time to reawaken the magic of your body and keep it ALIVE.

We don’t have any The magic of your body ALIVE scheduled soon, just leave here your name and mail and we will write to you as soon as we schedule one.