The color of the Soul ritual

The methodology of the Color of the Soul Ritual is structured in various evolutionary steps and integrates the tools of art therapy, the benefits of guided meditation, intuitive painting, dance, symbols and colors. We paint to know ourselves better, to give shape to our inner world, and it’s for all those who wish to discover their creative essence.

It is an integrated methodology conceived by Marianne Cordier. It is a journey of inner knowledge through the practice of Intuitive Painting, Guided Meditation and dialogue with the Soul: a journey of initiation into the world of the senses to discover
our soul and creative potential, through the experience of the transformation of forms, symbols and colors.
It is a tool for the evolution of consciousness that makes the inner world dialogue with its external expression and manifestation.
It is a ritual to release the Artist that lives in each one of us, to discover the wonderful freedom to be ourselves, to express our authenticity, to free ourselves from fears, to ignite our divine spark and give us permission to create our life, with art and soul.

Thanks to intuitive painting you can:
Awaken your life force and sexual energy.
Discover yourself in a different way and know yourself better.

Re-discover your creativity and spontaneity.

Free yourself from the fears that block your expression.

Learn to quit judgment and comparison.

Acquire confidence in your inner resources.

Re-learn to listen to the wisdom of your body.

Deepen your spiritual path.

Overcome inner divisions.
Turn trials into opportunities for inner growth.
Dialog with your heart and receive messages from your soul.


I have never painted, can I still participate?
You don’t need to know how to paint or have prior experience in meditation to participate, this is not a painting class but an experience of discovering yourself through the creative process. It takes your curiosity to explore new parts of yourself! At the same time, if you are an artist, this methodology will allow you to free your style, to deepen the sense of your path and to give a new extraordinary value to your inner images, creating from within.
I have never meditated or done a guided meditation.
You don’t need to know how to meditate, but be willing to be guided into a space of relaxation and trust where you will be led on an inner journey to reclaim the treasures buried within you and bring to the surface some inspiring images.
How long does a session last?
The individual session lasts 2 hours and the session, is structured in 5 steps. The group one can range from 90 minutes to an entire afternoon.
Are you about to attend an online Color of the Soul Ritual workshop or session?

Here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Organize your space with care, essentiality and elegant simplicity
You don’t need many things, but these are essential:
a stable internet connection via pc/tablet/tel

creative materials:

  • a medium format paper / canvas (not too small)
  • some tempera or acrylic (primary colors are fine: red, yellow, blue + white + black). If you only have oil colors, that’s fine. Watercolors are not recommended for this layering practice.
  • Some brushes, sponges, dish towels, look in the kitchen – there are many things you can recycle for painting. If you don’t have brushes but just sponges it’s perfectly fine though.
water for painting
dish towels, paper towels, glass for dipping brushes, plates to use as palettes. You can paint either on the floor or on the wall: perhaps you will feel safer if you put a protective cloth on the floor or on the wall… the important thing is that you can move around the painting comfortably and express yourself without worry!
notebook and pen
water to drink in a glass
2. Take care of your sacred space: set up your own altar
In the Color of the Soul methodology, the creative process is a true ritual that allows you to get in touch with the deepest part of yourself and reconnects you to your intuition.
As you know, beauty is medicine for the Soul.
Take some quiet time before the workshop to create some beauty, harmony and organize the space around you and focus on your intention for this experience.

The magic of your body ALIVE

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BUT. Society tells us that the Truth lies in our minds. And social suppression triggers feelings of guilt and shame. So, we lose our ability to feel and live the magic of our bodies.
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