Activate your Pleasure Codes

A VIP experience for YOU

You want to feel vital and alive and feel your body finally vibrant.

You desire to dive deep into sensual pleasure, feel sexy and radiant again or for the first time ever.

You desire to stop relying only on your mind that works way too hard to get everything right and done, and, you desire to start embodying your femininity.

You want to unleash your intuition and creativity and live a magic transformation. 

This is totally possible, it can become your reality.

Your life is never gonna be the same as you awaken the sacred sexy and wild part of your feminine essence and finally enjoy to be your sensual self!

Are you a bit (or a lot) scared reading this?

I so get you! When I started this journey more than ten years ago I was freaking out!

Come on, we are speaking about pleasure! For centuries, as women, we have been condemned  if we had the desire to claim it and, if we did, we were either courtesans, prostitutes or we were seen as witches.

Now, I am here to walk by your side in this journey to activate your Pleasure Codes.


Imagine to spend three full months together and three full days in magic Venice, taken care of, where all you need to do is to receive and make sure you come first.

Venice. The city of romance, beauty and of love.

Thanks to tantra, breathwork, shamanic journeys, qoya, somatic and pleasure coaching and many other transformational tools we are gonna boost your love for yourself, your capacity to receive pleasure and your sensuality. We are getting to know each over these three months and meet in person in Venice for three whole VIP days all curated for you.

My name is Elisa, I am a trauma informed mentor, breathwork facilitator, Pleasure Coach, Sacred Womb awakening practitioner and so much more. They call me Pussy Shaman and I am here for YOU and your Pleasure.

I have tried on myself every single practice that I will share with you. I have been the guinea pig myself, I have gone from hoping that my hubby would fall asleep before me so that I wouldn’t need to say no, to really embodying my femininity without having to behave like another woman, owning my yes and no, accessing my creativity and intuition, coming from a place of Pleasure and fun. 

All of this has worked so much for me that I have created Pleasure Codes.

If you feel that:

You have worked a lot on yourself.  However, when it comes to your pleasure you feel and behave like you are a baby girl, you get shy, sometimes full of shame and you don’t really know much.

You have read self-help books and you have attended many workshops, you are kind of a junkie in this way, keeping on searching for answers and clarity on what direction you should take in your love life.

You feel you have blocks on the pleasure area of your life. A rigid education, religious upbringing and some difficult experiences in your past make you feel triggered every time you have sex, even if you love and trust who you go to bed with.

Even when you make love you can’t surrender and fully abandon. You always think way too much

You don’t really feel feminine and sensual.

then Pleasure Codes is for you because you desire to:

awaken and expand your capacity for pleasure;

let go of control and surrender in bed, feeling safe and sensual, inside and outside your bedroom;

tap into the inexhaustible source of energy, recharge, rejuvination and creativity that is your sexual energy;

change your story as a woman, transforming your relationship with your body and with sex, truly loving yourself, realizing the wonder that you are;

work on your self-esteem, communication skills and boundaries, taking your relationship to another level;

spark your creativity and connect to your intuition

let your body become the only possible compass for you to understand what you desire;

Pleasure is your birthright, you deserve to fully embody your sensuality and your womanhood, no matter how you were raised and what your sex experiences have been till now.


I personally craft this program on your needs, your nervous system, your relationship or your desire of one and on your desire to expand your pleasure.

I walk by your side, holding your hands through your resistances, finding a safe and gentle way with you through your limiting beliefs, helping you build a new capacity for pleasure. All done on a somatic, mindset, emotional and spiritual level.


How does it work?

I take you from being a woman that keeps on self-sabotaging her love, her relationships, her pleasure, to feeling turned on and alive and able to trust yourself.

We work together for 3 months.

We meet via Zoom once a month for 90 minutes.

We use Voxer for updates until a maximum of 30 min per week

We have a final three VIP days in beautiful Venice (if your prefer another city just ask or tell me!).

And I spoil you all along the way.


What’s included in your investment on your pleasure

Almost everything!

Mentoring over 3 months twice per months for 60 minutes.

Sleeping in a beautiful place, healthy and luxurious meals and transportation through Venice

Museums and some gifts for you that I can not spoiler you or I won’t be able to spoil you!

What’s not included

Your flight or train to Venice

Your transportation from the airport or station to our meeting point ( I can help you with this)

Extra expenses, like souvenirs or gifts you want to buy in beautiful Italy


Do you feel it? Jump in!

Book a call with me and let’s see if we are a good match!

Your investment on your Pleasure is 7.000

If you want to pay upfront the Toal coast is 6.200

You can pay in installments: 2.000 upfront and then 2.500 for the next two months

I truly can’t wait to walk you through your pleasure and through Venice

Do you have questions? I have answers! Write to me.

I believe in you. I believe in your ability to rise, in your turn on and in your desire to shine as never before.