Pleasure Code

Mentoring Program
Pleasure Code is a highly transformative program.

Thanks to tantra, jade egg, qoya, coaching and many other transformational tools you are gonna boost your love, your life and your business with pleasure.
Your life is never gonna be the same as you will re-find that part of you that you have lost on your journey and finally shine!

Pleasure Code is for you if:
You have worked a lot on yourself. However you feel now it’s time to bring it to a completely new level.
Sometimes you feel is so hard to be yourself. You feel shamed as you have so much and still you are rarely happy for more than 5 minutes.
You have read self-help books and you have attended to many workshops, you are kind of a junkie in this way, keeping on searching for answers and clarity on what direction you should take.  However deeply inside, you know you have all the answers. You just have no idea how to access that part.
You feel you have blocks on your business and that those blocks are stopping you from you thriving and stepping into your success. You just have to learn how to remove and integrate those blocks.
You have had business ideas forever and would love to build something of your own. That jump scares you, which is normal.
You have lost pleasure. When you make love you can’t surrender and fully expand through it. Your orgasms are quick and rare. You deserve more, you deserve to surrender to luscious and full body pleasure.
You are sick of settling yourself for a mediocre life, a mediocre work and a mediocre relationship. You are ready to thrive and shine in one or all of these fields.
You have desires but they are foggy and deep inside you don’t believe they will be real.

I am here for you and I have tried on myself every single practice that I share with you. I have been the guinea pig for this and it has worked so much for me that I have created this for you.
This program is studied and tailored on your needs and on your desire to shine.
If you feel called to work with me, please contact me.

We can book a first Pleasure Call as a soul-gift from my heart to yours in order to understand what you desire to manifest and then dive into this fantastic transformative work where you have the chance to invest on yourself as never before and:

let go what you don’t need anymore,
cut the cords of your family that hold you back from your greatness,
free your inner child and give her a place where to have fun and not care about adults stuff so that you are not going to have her play in your bed or in business,
work on your worthiness and super charge the communication in your relationships
integrate and remove the layers and blocks that separate you from your desires
get clear on your business or your business idea if you want to work on that area of your life and process all the block that have you play small. As owning a business is one of the fastest way to bring on the surface all the parts of yourself that need to be solved.
learn how to dance qoya and make it a self love and back to your soul practice.
turn on your business or get clear on whether to transform your biz idea in a real business I have plenty of business tools to share with you. Especially mindset tools. Because I have been there too and I have worked my butt off to create a biz that shines and reflects myself, my values and let me be free.
and a lot more.

How does it work?

I take you from feeling lost, stuck, maybe even broke and not happy of your overall life, being a woman that keeps on self-sabotaging her love, her relationships, her business and her life, to feeling turn on in every moment of life and in being able to feel that life is a gift and that is so beautiful to savoir and play big in it.
Your body is gonna be your access to the divine and your compass to understand that you and only you know what to do next.

We are gonna work together for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6. We meet via Zoom every other week and during the week we don’t have our session you have the chance to chat with me for 15 minutes updating me or processing something.

You can also write me on Voxer and I will answer you within 24 hours.

Are you in?
Book a Pleasure call right here so that we can get to know each other and understand if this investment on yourself for this life – long transformation, it’s a good fit for you, and yes, payment plans are available.
I believe in you. I believe in your ability to rise, in your turn on and in your desire to shine as never before.

Do you have questions? Write to me at!
Are you in?? Click here!!!